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Manufacturing Plants

Focusing on production ; our mission


We set the bench mark for production
Every RolaCase RolaShelf product, comes to life at the Australian production facility in Somersby NSW.
The world-class facility is one of Australia’s largest vehicle storage and mobile storage production plants.
The Somersby plant prides itself on its highly progressive manufacturing practices, with lean manufacturing and an Operational Management System at the core of its operation. The facility is also highly invested in a proactive approach to environmental care, safety and quality.
Located North of Sydney, The fully integrated Somersby manufacturing plant incorporates state-of-the-art weld, 3D design centre and assembly shops to produce vehicle and mobile storage units that have been independently recognised as Australia's best quality locally built units.
Guided plant tours are available at our Manufacturing Plant in Somersby, NSW. Please call to arrange a tour.
Rolacase exports continue to grow, with our Australian-made products now being shipped to more than 10 countries around the world including Malaysia, Singapore, USA, United Kingdom, France, Germany and New Zealand.
Most Australians in the trade industry have grown up with RolaCase RolaShelf over the past 35 years. For them, RolaCase is more than a tool storage company – it’s a piece of Australia’s history and a national icon.
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Thomas Moloney Pty Ltd 27 Kangoo Road,
Somersby NSW 2250 AUSTRALIA