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Drawer Frames

Van Drawer Frames for Versatile Vehicle Storage
Need a new drawer frame to improve the storage capabilities of your commercial vehicle? RolaCase is the industry leader when it comes to storage and shelving, and our van drawer frames make it easy to start or expand your storage system. Our online catalogue makes it easy to choose the right frame: simply click on the series that best suits your needs and find the specific product within that range. While these drawer frames are perfect for vehicle storage, they can also be used as a static unit with the ability to be fixed to any wall, shelf or bench. Whether it’s for static use or storing equipment on the move, you can be sure you’re using a product you can trust.

Our versatile drawer frames make van customisation simple
The premise of the storage products we manufacture is that they grow with your needs. Rather than designing a system that may need to be replaced down the track when your needs change, we build our products so as to be fully compatible with each other for future expansion. This means that if you need more storage or require a change of setup, your van drawer frames can be mixed and matched – even with our other shelving and storage products – to create the ultimate solution as per your requirements. These frames can be joined vertically and/or horizontally, and are sold separately from the RolaCases themselves. Click on a frame to see which RolaCase(s) it supports.

Order frames from the industry’s most trusted brand
RolaCase has quickly grown to become the preferred storage equipment manufacturer in Australia and overseas through a commitment to first-class products and intuitive design. You can equip yourself with our van drawer frames by ordering online, or alternatively by seeking out your nearest supplier as listed on our website.

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