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Blog posts of '2021' 'May'

Trolley Kits

Our trolley kit design is a great way to have all your tools handy and available at any time. 

This is the perfect warehouse mate or workshop buddy to help you become more efficient.

In this article we will cover what type of range we have at Rolacase, when it comes to Trolley kits!


Working in a business such as a large warehouse for example is never easy, but lots of equipment made the job less taxing. Our RolaCase trolley kits provide a great solution for this. 

The demand for trolley kits is on the rise. In particular with the increase in manufacturing we have in Australia, this has increased by 9.1% in 2020. 

At Rolacase we provide the trolley kits in various designs. These will meet the specific needs of your warehouse or workshop, or even hospitals have seen some benefits in the past. These really do stand the test of time in terms of flexibility and durability.

The 3 Key Benefits of Trolley Kits 

Trolleys are the most practical solution to the problem of transporting and storing all types of items. But there are several other benefits to using warehouse trolleys, including:

1. Great Efficiency 

The faster you can locate and sort your tools out for the jobs that need to be done, the better! The trolley kits also aids workers reducing their distances around a warehouse/workshop as all the tools are in one place.

2. They help reduce operational costs. 

Greater efficiency = reduces operational costs.

With items moved with greater efficiency, a warehouse’s overall operational cost is reduced. Trolley kits really do play a key role in lowering running costs, influencing overall operational costs.

3. Workplace Health and Safety

With all the trolley kits, they are a safe height and easy to access. This is good for health and safety reducing health and safety risks. 

The Trolley Kit Configurations we offer at RolaCase

We have a few options that combine the RolaCases with the trolley kits or we have metal drawer options.


Metal Drawer kits options are a good option because they are;


  • Durable

  • Lockable

  • Versatile


The Case Option is a great one – if you are a busy warehousing site and have a team of workers, they can move around site with the removable case system. 


RolaCase Option Advantage;


  • Removable 

  • Versatile

  • Tool Organiser Kit advantage 


Take the whole cabinet with you on the go, whichever option is better for you – you will enjoy the flexibility of the trolley kit. All of the Cabinet Kits/RolaCases/Metal drawers come preassembled – ready to go and no construction required. 


The Trolley Kits Product we offer at RolaCase. 


RC7DC/DM Trolley


Holds up to 14 x RC001 or RC002 cases, or a combination of RC001 and RC003 cases. Enables you to take your cases and other items where ever you need to go.


Learn More here


6 Drawer Trolley Kit



Comes with 1 x RC7DC6D/PN Trolley, 4 x RC001/CH-CH series cases & 2 x RC403 metal drawers.


Trolley with 220mm pneumatic tires. Ideal for stairs or uneven surfaces.


This combines the best of both worlds with metal and cases. 


Learn More


5 Drawer Trolley Kit



Comes with 1 x 5 drawer Trolley, 4 x RC403, 1 x RC401 metal drawers.

Trolley with 220mm pneumatic tires. Ideal for stairs or uneven surfaces. 


Learn More



We have a few more trolley kits available – view now


So if you would like a trolley kit solution for your business – we are your number one choice @RolaCase!



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